Roku Link code

Roku Link code will appear once you update the Software of your Roku Device and get connected to the Wireless network. You will see a Screen Giving you the Roku Link Code and It will Appear as The Image shown Below.

Roku Link code

Roku Link code enter

To get the Roku Link enter code Screen on your PC, you need to go to and Enter the Code Given on the TV Screen or Call our Support team at Toll Free +1-855-386-3222 to guide you complete the Setup manually.

Enter Link code

After a Successful Roku Enter link Code you will see a Screen saying maximizing the Fun factor and updating the channels you added on the PC screen. Once it’s done,Your TV Screen Will Look Like this.
Roku Link enter code

Roku activation code

You will also Get a Roku activation Code if you try to activate Certain channels like PBS or STARZ. The Screen will appear like this when you try to activate the device For PBS channel.Its Will ask you to visit and Enter activation Code. If you don’t have an account you can get a free account setup for PBS or other channels if they come under the category of Free channels.

Roku com Link activate

If you mistypes and try to visit Roku com Link Activate the URL will say the Page is Unavailable and will ask You to Visit to Enter the Given Code From your TV Screen.Roku Com link activate

Roku Code Setup

To Complete your Roku Code Setup and Get help Instantly you can simply grab your phone and give us a call at our Help Desk on Toll Free +1-855-386-3222. We have Teams of Certified Technicians who can Resolve your Roku Code Setup issues Instantly. Please make sure to get Your Roku Code Setup,you Provide The Correct Activation Code From your TV screen.Roku Code Setup

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